Launch15 Explained

Launch15 Explained

Usually knife shows are my vent for exploring creative technics, new materials etc but also just to make a knife exactly like I envision it. The knife show hiatus I have been experiencing this past almost two years has left me itching to make stuff not on order. I have considered long and hard about what to do. I decided that having some kind of online show would be the immediate solution. I also knew right away that I did not want this to be a one time deal so I started thinking about a concept. Knowing myself and my busy schedule I wanted to make a setup where I hold my self up to a a goal and a deadline. A monthly "show" was what I came up with and my wife Karina coined the working title "Launch15" since we wanted to do it each month the 15th. Well if there is one thing that does not exist it is temporary solutions and working titles....We came to like the name so much that it became the official name. This would be the perfect media for me to make and sell limited editions, unique or just interesting knives and tools for immediate delivery.

Our first Launch15 show took place on Friday 15th October 2021 at 08.00pm Central Europe Time. I had made a new version of my Monte Carlo with G10 scales as a first time ever. In addition I offered some limited edition Monte Carlos, some Njord kitchen knives, limited edition ORSOs and some special Minibars and Prybar12s. I really felt like I was preparing for a show. Long days in the shop, strict deadline and a lot of anticipation! I was really curious on how this concept would be received. 

As it happened I was traveling in Italy on a business trip in the days prior to the 15th and landed in Billund about half an hour before the knives and tools would go live on my site. At the baggage carrousel waiting for my suitcase my phone started going bananas with notifications from my web shop app. Sales had started and was off to a great start. Within 5 minutes 75% of the knives and tools where sold. Not long after only a few items was left in the shop and I could conclude that all the preparations and work to make this a success was fruitful. In the weekend following the 15th we worked hard to get everything packed up and ready to be picked up by Fedex Monday. We never sent that many packages in one day before. Thanks to everyone taking part in the fun and who helped making this my first online "show" a big succes.

In this writing moment I am already far in preparing for the new Launch15 and can't wait to get everything ready. Launch 15 will take place coming months on every 15th. I hope I will see you then!


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