Looking ahead

Looking ahead

The biggest news for 2019 is that my wife Karina quit her job as a teacher and will be working full time in the office. As my business is constantly changing and growing I have found that managing everything by myself is not possible. At the same time it has been difficult to let things go as I have always been very opinionated about how things should be handled. Karina has been super involved in the business on the side for many years and it is great to now also have the time to work together. 

If you went to one of the European shows I attended in the fall/winter 2018 you might already have met her as she has assisted me at the Paris and Milan show. 

On to other news. I have a constant urge to develop new projects, to work with something new, to push myself in areas where I can improve. I believe this is very common with creative people. I tend to get bored easily and will procrastinate or get sidetracked. While it may not be the most efficient thing when I have work to do, I have found this is often where my mind will come up with new ideas, designs, ways to improve or do a job better.

 With the great help from my creative team working on graphical and webdesign we have created this new website. It reflects my urge for change and looking ahead. You may notice several changes. One being discontinue models or product. You may also notice I have posted a teaser for an upcoming kitchen knife product. This is something you will learn more about in the very near future. I have already posted teaser on various social medias but the final product is yet to be seen. I can’t reveal much at the moment but I can say it is one of the most exciting projects I have worked on for a long time. Stay tuned and make sure to sign up for my newsletter to get the latest news. The newsletter is something I have been neglecting in the past but is something we will pick up and start sending out on a regular basis.

 I hope you will enjoy the new website and I would love to hear your feedback. 


Jens Ansø

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