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The Anso VZL´s was introduced at an earlier Launch15 this year and instantly became a huge success. They all sold out in less than 5 minutes. The VZL was the culmination of several months research and design work.

I have been wanting to make a capsule or stash can or some sort for container for a very long time but it was not until I stumbled upon about about 500 pounds of titanium round stock in various dimensions I got the final nudge to start working on a design.

Machining a part like these required a ton of special tooling, special fixtures and a lot of testing before reaching what you see here. Now with the production run this first version comes in one body style and two variations of the lid inspired by the hatch of a tank or similar armored vehicle. I designed these to store various objects like jewelers, coins, coffee beans for your next trip into the wild or just some oregano for the made over fire pizza. Whatever you put in it I would love to hear from you and see pictures! The VZL name came even before the final designs and is planned to be the overall name for all the container designs I make with sub names for each style. But for now these are simply called ANSO VZL.

I have made a total of 12 VZL in this batch with 4 colors and two different type lids. One lid with two grip areas and one with four grip areas. Each VZL is marked with my crowned A logo.
The VZL is milled from a solid chunk of titanium weighing 316 grams / 11.14 OZ and ending up weighing 136 grams / 4.8 OZ including the lid.
The outer diameter is approx 58mm/2.3” and inner diameter is approx 44mm/1.7”. Total inside height of the camber is 15mm/0.6” and total outside height is 24mm/0.9”

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