Shop Built

At Ansø of Denmark we stand for craftsmanship and quality. Our commitment to these values has led us to create the distinguished "Shop Built" line of products, all designed by the mastermind behind our brand, Jens Anso.

The demand for Jens Ansø's custom-made, sole-authorship knives often exceeds our capacity. That's why we're excited to offer our "Shop Built" line: a collection of meticulously crafted items, each carrying the unmistakable mark of Jens Anso's design and expertise.

By expanding our offerings to include "Shop Built" products, we are able to make more people happy. Each item in this line is brought to life by our dedicated team of artisans and craftsmen, under the guidance and vision of Jens Ansø himself.

Choose from our range of "Shop Built" products and enjoy the perfect blend of functionality and artistry, all backed by Jens Ansø's tradition of excellence in design. Thank you for allowing us to continue meeting your needs with our commitment to quality.