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Create your own fixed blade for everyday carry

The ASTRA is a small utilitarian fixed blade built in a modular design that allows to interchange blades, inlays and handles of your liking and need.

ASTRA transports and stays safe in a small kydex sheath that allows for dropping the knife in the bottom of a jacket pocket, riding on your belt or maybe installing on the hul of your kayak. In short the perfect little blade for whatever you need it for.

Choose your blade, handle and color

ASTRA gives you a variety of blade shapes and materials, handle shapes and colors, so you can create your own favorite ASTRA.

The blade comes in a choice of three different shapes: Droppoint, Sheepsfoot or Spearpoint. You can match this with a handle of your choosing, screws and a kydex sheath to create a full ASTRA tool.

Ansø’s ASTRA pick

ASTRA is the knife that fits equally well in a colonial marine’s medic bag on the USS Sulaco or on an architect’s desk for sharpening pencils and cutting out scale models.

Assemble the ASTRA to your needs for your everyday carry, or choose Anso’s ASTRA pick, which has been put together by designer and creator, Jens Ansø.

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