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The Anso Sheepsfoot: A Testament to Heritage and Craftsmanship

Discover the captivating story woven into the fabric of the remarkable Anso Sheepsfoot. Born during my years as a student of industrial design in the late 1990s, this iconic design laid the groundwork for my career in knife making. It played a pivotal role in enabling me to purchase my cherished home and establish my workshop 22 years ago. A feature in Tactical Knives magazine, coinciding with my final exams, catapulted the Anso Sheepsfoot to success, generating over 100 orders that helped me secure a loan for my current home.

Today, as we celebrate its 25th anniversary, I am filled with immense pride as I unveil this meticulously refined version of the legendary design.

The Anso Sheepsfoot is a versatile small utility fixed blade that surpasses expectations. Its sheepsfoot-style blade, as the name suggests, excels at effortlessly slicing through boxes, performing delicate whittling tasks, and neatly cutting out articles from magazines.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the handle features a two-step construction. The back end is adorned with full-scale scales securely attached by titanium screws. Notice the integral lanyard bushing, crafted from titanium as well. Moving forward from the scales, there is a section of bare steel with an indexable hole for your thumb and index finger. Just behind the edge, you'll find purposeful jimping, ensuring a secure grip. With a 2-inch (50mm) blade, the Anso Sheepsfoot is ready for a wide range of cutting chores. Its compact size, measuring 5 1/4 inches (135mm) overall, offers both strength and portability.

Though I had shifted my focus to crafting folding knives 15 years ago, today, with the unwavering support of my exceptional team, I am delighted to bring the Anso Sheepsfoot back to life. Together, we embrace the spirit of collaboration and proudly introduce what I fondly refer to as "Shop Built" - a knife meticulously crafted in my workshop by my dedicated team.

If you are in search of the perfect small fixed blade, look no further. Embrace a piece of Anso history today with the highly anticipated 25th-anniversary release of the Anso Sheepsfoot fixed blade.

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