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    The VZL - Your Everyday Carry Capsule

    The VZL is a capsule designed to store your small objects such as jewelry, coins, or coffee beans for your next trip into the wild or just some oregano for the made-over fire pizza.

    The VZL comes in one body style and two variations of the lid - one lid with two grip areas and a lid with four grip areas. The lid is inspired by the hatch of a tank or similar armored vehicle. Each VZL is marked with the Ansø of Denmark crowned ‘A’ logo.

    This unique everyday carry is designed and crafted by Danish industrial designer and knifemaker Jens Ansø after he stumbled upon about 500 pounds of titanium stock in various dimensions.

    The capsule is milled from a solid chunk of titanium and fits right in your palm, pocket, or on your desk.