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ANSO PZL Keyring x Ultem

ANSO PZL Keyring x Ultem

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This new concept product I call ANSO PZL was presented at the Launch15 in December. A small puzzle piece that doubles as a material sample. Over the years I have collected a ton of "scrap" material from my production of knives and would rather be making something cool instead of driving it to the scrap yard.

So what do you do with these...Well for the past couple months I have been carrying one of these in my pocket kinda like a challenge coin. But put 4 or more together and you have a small game that doubles as a fun little thing to fiddle with.

So far I have made these in all the metal materials I currently use in the shop these doubles as material and color samples for a great reference guide.

Now also available in Ultem as a keychain. This is only the second time I use Ultem and I really like this material. Only 10 pieces in this batch. Ultem is a thermo plastic with a very characteristic amber color.
Specs: 25mm x 25mm / 1"x1" (plus the small tab)4.5mm thick / 3/16"

All available PZL´s will fit together regardless of material.

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