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Anso Sheepsfoot - Handles Bronze, Brass, Copper, Zirconium

Anso Sheepsfoot - Handles Bronze, Brass, Copper, Zirconium

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Metal Handle Scale Sets - Unleash the Beauty of Premium Metals

Discover the beauty of premium metals with our Metal handle scale sets for the Anso Sheepsfoot. Crafted from exquisite materials like Zirconium, Bronze, Brass, and Copper, these scales exude a unique charm that sets them apart. Each metal carries its own distinctive character and patina, adding depth and distinction to your knife. Choose from a variety of captivating finishes and elevate your Sheepsfoot to a realm of unmatched luxury and style.


$75 each set - hardware sold separately.

 Available in Brass, Bronze, Copper and Zirconium

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