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Matrix Credit Card holder - KOBOLT

Matrix Credit Card holder - KOBOLT

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The Matrix is a small pocket sized credit card holder that has the ability to hold as few as one or as many as 6 cards using a top-facing tensioned titanium spring. (also works great for business cards).

The Matrix grants easy access to your cards thanks to its skeletal frame, letting you easily slide out the outermost cards or push the whole stack out using its bottom-positioned thumb holes.

CNC milled to very high tolerances from a solid bar of aircraft grade titanium in the Anso of Denmark workshop.

This new and improved version consist of two pieces of titanium held together with four precision stainless steel screws.

With the Anso of Denmark “Crowned A” logo engraved into the integrated spring bar that holds the cards safe in place. The Matrix is lightweight, super easy to carry, and has the little details that make using it every day a pleasure. 

You get a bombproof tool that will last longer than you. It weighs in at less than 3 ounces and is only slightly larger than the cards it holds.

Width: 66mm (2.60")
Hight: 91mm (3.58")
Thickness: 9mm (0.354")
Material: Titanium
Finish: Stonewashed and Anodized
Weight: 89g. (2.9 oz)



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